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Big East Big Five: Week 11



When I put Syracuse at Notre Dame in the Big Five last week, I obviously had no idea that Fab Melo was going to be left at home for reasons that Syracuse wasn't going to tell us about. I can't tell if this game tells us more about the Orange without Fab Melo or if it tells us more about Notre Dame going forward for the rest of the season. I think it might be time to start warming up the Ewing Theory Alert on Tim Abromaitis, though.

Syracuse's loss puts 5 teams - including two that play each other this week - within a game and a half of first place in the Big East.

Let's go see what we've got on the schedule this week.


Today: #3/4 Syracuse at Cincinnati (6pm Central, ESPN) - Still no Fab Melo for the Orange tonight at the Shoe, so either we're going to find out out how much Melo means to them or we're going to find out how much Boeheim managed to grab everyone's attention after the Notre Dame loss. This could be a big win for Cincinnati from a respect point of view. The poll voters are still troubled by their loss to Presbyterian.

Tuesday, January 24: South Florida at #17/18 Marquette (6pm, ESPN3) - Well, here it is. The game between two teams within a game and a half of first place. Yep. I don't think our loyal readers are particularly surprised to find MU that close, but it's definitely surprising to see USF with 5 Big East wins through 7 games after just 3 all of last year. Key to the game for the Golden Eagles: Avoid multiple JAWANZA! moments.

Wednesday, January 25: Notre Dame at Seton Hall (7pm, ESPN3) - The Irish play both of their 3 loss compatriots this week and both games are on the road. One way or the other, we're going to get some separation in the middle of the conference. It's up to the teams involved to show us who they really are.

Saturday, January 28: Notre Dame at #24/19 Connecticut (11am, ESPN3) - And here's the other 3 loss team game. Yeah, it's possible that Connecticut could be rumbling around in the bottom half in the conference at the end of the week. Then again, that seemed to work out okay for them last year.

Saturday, January 28: West Virginia at #3/4 Syracuse (noon, ESPNU) - Deniz Kilicli is incredibly well prepared for his team's trip to Ice Station Zebra. How ready will the Mountaineers be to take on the Orange? With or without Fab Melo, Syracuse is definitely going to be ready to get back inside the Carrier Dome.