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1.3 Morning Coffee: Back With A New Batch Edition

So what's happened since we last talked? Marquette played a clunker in Baton Rouge, won ugly at home against UWM, then dropped the biggest stink bomb of the Buzz Williams era and lastly, hung on to beat a mediocre Villanova squad that had no business still being in the game in the final minutes. And now, a brutal week begins with road games against Georgetown and Syracuse. Remember when we beat Syracuse in the NCAA tournament last season? That was awesome. I have a bad feeling Saturday won't be so awesome.

A double dose of Badger Schadenfreude as always awesome. Plus, they eat boogers.

No words.

I loathe the state of Iowa.

This is why I rarely drink soda.

Bono has fallen on hard times.

Cool picks from the NHL Winter Classic.

Light saber fighting Darth Vader is dead.

A Marquette alum was in the Rose Bowl parade. She's sitting next to the 'H' on the Hollywood sign.

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Random Music Video: Of Monsters and Men