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1.30 Morning Coffee: Second Place Edition

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How does second place in the Big East sound?

Public Enemy Number One: James Breeding. The worst part? The refs won't be held accountable for that disaster they were responsible for. Nor will the refs of the West Virginia-Syracuse game. Who is mostly to blame? Coaches. The coaches would much rather deal with familiar refs than a new crop of officials.

To those who whine and cry about the nightmarish starts: Would you rather them breakout to a 13-0 lead, then lose? Or have a 18 point lead, and lose? I'll take a slow start every damn time, as long as they finish in the W column. This team has won far more games in Big East play coming from behind than holding on to a lead.

I've been spending way too much time on Twitter lately during the games because the Marquette fans on there whine like little high school girls. The "I REFUSE TO ENJOY THIS GREAT COMEBACK" mantra by some fans because of a bad start is just pathetic. This team is currently in second place in the Big East. Sad some people focus so much on the negative than the positive. Stupid Twitter.

As a huge fan of the Jesuits (eight years of Jesuit education will do that), I found this post and their new website a breath of fresh air to the interwebs.

This takes me back to Freshman year at Marquette.

Public intoxication? Black tears of pain.

This is why I'm proud of my Irish heritage.

Happy Monday: Happy Mondays return.

I love bacon, but this is just weird.

I hope you've eaten, because this is disgusting.

They found out when it was a good day!

You are worthless and weak compared to this kid.

311 meets Sesame Street.

Brilliant? Yes, brilliant.

This Adele/Doug Melvin parody is genius.

Like Wilco/Old 97's? Check out True Mad North.

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Random Music Video: Sugar & The Hi-Lows (bonus download 3 songs for free)