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Big East Big Five: Week 12

Pitt beats Georgetown. South Florida nearly fouls their way out of a win against Providence. Notre Dame goes into Hartford and takes a win away from Connecticut. We have no idea when Fab Melo will play again for Syracuse. Marquette is the hottest team in the conference.

Look, I can't seem to make any sense of the conference. You're welcome to try. We have a new slate of games this week, so maybe we'll get some separation with the 9 teams that fall between 3 and 5 losses. Strangely, most of the games don't involve two of those teams this week. But let's see what we do have this week....


Wednesday, February 1: Connecticut at #14/14 Georgetown (6pm Central, ESPN2) - Two teams coming off somewhat confusing losses and looking to regain their footing. A UConn team that is sitting at .500 in league play, the same spot they were at the end of last season, when they went on to win the national championship.

Saturday, February 4: South Florida at #14/14 Georgetown (10am, ESPNU) - Hey, South Florida's tied for 3rd! This is their only game of the week and they get a chance to go into the Verizon Center and knock down the Hoyas. Will the Hoyas be reeling with two straight losses or will they be back to fighting shape going into this one?

Saturday, February 4: #15/15 Marquette at Notre Dame (noon, CBS) - I'd love to include the Seton Hall game on the list, but let's face it: The Pirates don't deserve the attention on their losing streak. Notre Dame, on the other hand, is setting the Ewing Theory ablaze by winning without Tim Abromaitis. Plus, the national CBS audience paying attention to this one will make it all the more fun when Marquette shuts down the Irish.

Saturday, February 4: Rutgers at NR/25 Louisville (3pm, ESPN3) - A 5-4 team against a 4-5 team. Rutgers gets a chance to put another signature win on their resume, one that would be greatly needed after dropping a home contest to DePaul. Louisville gets a chance to prove they belong in the top half of the conference.

Sunday, February 5: Villanova at Pittsburgh (1pm, ESPN) - I don't give Pitt much of a chance of winning at West Virginia tonight in a basketball version of the Backyard Brawl, but if they can beat Georgetown at home, they should definitely be able to beat a struggling Villanova team there as well. What does it say if they can't?