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SHEESH: Davante Gardner Out Tonight With Left Knee Sprain

Might be a while before we see Ox get up like this again.
Might be a while before we see Ox get up like this again.

We value the research done by the Anonymous Eagle Bureau of Nonsensical Investigations a great deal around these parts. That said, their digging into the status of Marquette sophomore forward Davante Gardner ended up sorely lacking in official information about tonight's game against Seton Hall.

That kind of official information was made available to us about 30 minutes ago via the Marquette Athletics Twitter account:

#mubb's @iGetBuckets_54 will miss tonight's game vs. SHU with left knee sprain. His future status will be evaluated on game-by-game basis.

Immediate reaction: Crap. Secondary reaction: Jay Cutler had a knee sprain, too. Tertiary reaction: Double crap.

Possible good news: Cracked Sidewalks says Jamil Wilson has been Marquette's third best player over the last five games. Now we just need to figure out who's replacing Jamil's contributions from the bench.

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