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Marquette Slap Of Five Gate: NATIONAL EDITION

As you no doubt already know, in the waning minutes of Sunday's down-to-the-wire win over Villanova, a controversy the likes of which we've never seen erupted when Marquette guard Vander Blue, after missing a couple of free throws and being subbed out for Todd Mayo, refused to give a slap of five to backup point guard Derrick Wilson, who heartbreakingly left his hand extended for a few seconds before realizing that Van wasn't going to give him dap.

The exchange revealed issues in the locker room that few knew existed, and now those issues have been exposed to the world at large, thanks to the nosy Nellies at ESPN's SportsNation program. Just when we thought this unfortunate scandal might be over, Michelle Beadle and what appears to be an anthropomorphic donkey ripped the band-aid off the wound. As part of their daily WORST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS segment, Beadle and Burro wondered: what does Van's dap-spurning say about the Marquette team specifically, and the demise of western civilization in general?

Below is a screen grab from yesterday's program:

Of course, as you'd expect, Marquette was in full-on scramble mode after ESPN's hard-hitting expose, with Blue releasing this terse statement through his people soon after the segment aired:

@Mr_Bicenten is my brother...I did not intentionally try not to shake is hand when I was subbed out...very immature on my part!! Hes my boy!

And Wilson toed the company line as well, though it was readily apparent he was still devastated:

@VanderBlue2 is my brother I know he did not intentionally do that he's a great human being And That's why he's still my right hand man

Much as we'd like it to, this issue isn't going away, folks. Stay tuned to Anonymous Eagle, your Worldwide Leader on the Worldwide Leader of Nonsense, for updates.