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It Could Be Worse

Ok, so we're all troubled on some level by how the Marquette-Georgetown game ended. That's fair. Pretty much every reaction is acceptable given how that shook out. But we can't head into the game against Syracuse tomorrow if we're still carrying the weight of that loss. So let's take a look at three games from last night that remind us: It Could Be Worse.

1) South Florida 74, Villanova 57. This one took place in Villanova's on campus 6,500 seat arena. The Wildcats are now 0-3 in Big East play, They've lost 8 of their last 11 and sit at 7-8 on the season after getting dumptrucked by South Florida. They don't even have the excuse of a road game to fall back on here. EEEEESH.

2) DePaul 84, Pittsburgh 81. The Panthers have lost 4 straight including their first three Big East games. They lost to DEPAUL. DePaul had won TWO of their last FIFTY-FIVE Big East games coming into this one. I've joked on Twitter that Pitt's move to the ACC is just an excuse to fire Jamie Dixon when they get dumped early in the NCAA Tournament again, but WHAT THE H?

3) Louisiana-Lafayette 72, Western Kentucky 70 (OT). As bad as those two losses are, at least they were legitimately contested. The officials allowed Louisiana-Lafayette to play with 6 men on the court for the last possession of overtime and they got the layup they needed to beat WKU. Don't believe me? Check the video (h/t to and Tim Burke of Deadspin):

So, like I said above: It Could Be Worse.