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Mr. Kensington's Tape Delayed Game Thread Comments

So your boy Mr K. was out of town this weekend, taking advantage of the unseasonably mild Wisconsin January and getting in one last weekend of bow hunting. So, I was not able to catch Saturday's game live. But thanks to the miracle of modern technology, and the fact there is no cable and I get ZERO cell phone reception in the area I hunt, I was able to completely avoid any knowledge of the outcome of the game. And since it just doesn't feel right to watch a game without talking to my peeps on the Anonymous Eagle Game Thread, I decided to record the things that I would have put on the thread if I had been there with you all.

So if you want to get my take on things, want to re-live the loss, or are just really, really bored, then take the jump and see how my thoughts line up with yours. If you don't have the time/think this is a stupid idea, that's cool, this one is really more for me anyways.

I love how they always introduce Dickie Simpkins as "3-time NBA Champion." I'd say "3-time rider of Jordan's coat tails" would be more accurate. Did he even log double digit minutes in those 3 playoff runs combined?

Hmm, Davante Gardner back in the starting lineup? I'll be interested to see how he works against the 2-3.

Wearing the powder blues in the Carrier dome gives me bad flashbacks to our last trip to American Siberia.*Shudder*

And 1 foul on Davante with 37 seconds elapsed. Wasn't that what starting Jamil Wilson supposed to help avoid?

Why are we biting on Scoop Jardine shot fakes? Wouldn't we rather he shoot jumpers? It's gotta be better than letting him walk to the rack and lay it in.

Letting them play in the first 5 minutes. Gotta think that is to our benefit. Though, I'm sure that won't last past halftime. It never does.

6 turnovers in the first 5:30. I'm not exactly Dr. Naismith here, but I'm fairly certain that's bad.

Come on Vander! We didn't need the touchdown pass there. Not surprisingly, Junior is back in right after that.

Two on Davante! C'mon Dickie, get us a replay of that flop by Fab Melo.

Shit! A missed dunk!?!? That feels like it could be a turning point... and not the good kind.

Whistle. Offensive foul Marquette. Rinse. Repeat.

Whoooo boy, a 9-1 Orange run. This is in danger of getting out of hand already. At this point I'll be happy if we are down less than 15 at the break.



Damn Dickie, you only tip your waiter 10%? You cheap bastard. Apparently "winning" 3 NBA titles didn't provide you with the means to tip appropriately.

And Vander Blue can't buy one from the FT line.

21-1. Good Lord. It's Vandy all over again. So much for my bold decree that we wouldn't play that poorly ever again this season.

Tough to not get a bucket on that steal by Cadougan. My money is on Syracuse hitting a 3 before the half here.

Ugh. 30% shooting, 1-7 from 3, and 12 first half turnovers... that's the stuff that blowouts are made of.

Hey look everybody, it's a 6-0 MU run out of the half. It's a start, but I'm not excited yet. And 3 fouls on Davante don't help.

I rarely question Jae Crowder's shot selection, but I question the decision to shoot that triple there.

Who put a quarter in Junior Cadougan? And more importantly, why didn't they do so earlier?

Wait, is goaltending legal in international basketball? I know you can grab a ball that's on the rim, but I don't think you can just goaltend like it's NBA Jam. My money is on Dickie's just making shit up.

I like springing the press on 'em there - continue your momentum and force a turnover. If I'm not mistaken, I'd say there is a modicum of hope welling up inside of me.

Can someone knock Brandon Triche on his tailbone again? I think that might be useful right about now.

BAH! 4 fouls on Davante! That's gonna hurt.

What??? This ain't the NBA! What's with the continuation bucket for Kris Joseph???

Syracuse - just lackadaisical enough to keep me interested, but not enough to actually let us back in the game.

Davante with 4 fouls, now Jamil is dinged. Get loose Juan !!!

Ooh, yeah. That was a deliberate elbow. I'll take two throws and the ball thank you very much!

That would've been a monster 3 by DJO! We're gonna hit one of those before this one is over.

JUNIOR!!! Right on cue!!! Ok, now I'm officially excited. Let's steal this bitch and leave Jim Boeheim looking dumbfounded!

Big shot by Jae to keep that flicker of a chance alive.

HUGE exchange there! They miss two bunnies and we come hit a 3!!!

Dickie... I hate to be the one to have to tell you this... but you're not funny... at all.

Wow, those two dudes looked like the models for douchey Syracuse fans.

Big for DJO, but I don't think it's going to be enough. And that Melo dunk pretty much confirms it.

Wow, what a colossal gaffe. They gift wrap one more chance to win this thing, and we dribble it off our foot... literally. Fuck.

Good run. I give our guys credit for coming back when they could've easily packed it in and gotten their doors blown off. We just couldn't make enough shots down the stretch. Maybe don't get down by 18 next time.

And Syracuse can just dribble out the clock... or not. Stay classy Fab Melo.