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1.9 Morning Coffee: Consistently Inconsistent Edition

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We knew facing two Top 10 teams on the road in the same week is going to be brutal. What we didn't expect was to see how poorly this team can play for long stretches of time. This team continues to be wildly inconsistent and unable to put together a complete game. Until this team can keep the brutal stretches to a minimum, they'll be lucky to finish in the top half of the Big East. BrewTownAndy asks the question: Will the real Marquette team please stand up?


During its 19-0 first half run, Syracuse held Marquette scoreless for a stretch of 9:39 in the first half, and held the Golden Eagles without a field goal for 11:10.

You can't beat the #1 team in the country on their home court doing that. But we're only three games into the Big East season. Lots of time for the team to get its act together. Looking to the week ahead, Marquette will have two winnable games against St. John's (8-7) and the reeling Pitt Panthers.

And if you missed it on Friday afternoon, our fearless leader here at AE is taking a sabbatical. Listen, it's stressful enough watching this team, then having to blog about it. Add in the fact that he's about to be a parent for the first time, with twins, I don't blame him for taking a break. So BrewtownAndy, Warrior Brad, Mr. K, Soft Pretzel and I will be handling a good chunk of the duty to keep the masses (all 11 of you) entertained.

Polls come out later this morning. Will we still be ranked? I think we will.

Need to feel better? Here is another double dose of Badger Schadenfreude. Bonus points to for this.

Whoops, almost forgot this gem of Bo Ryan (and UW fans) acting like the nice, level-headed people they claim to be. See don't you feel better now? Thanks Wisconsin!

Sweet Baby Jesus
, Tim Tebow! 3:16 yards?

Faces of rejected Bachelorettes.

This is better than saying: "It's canceled."

Beer for dogs.

Poor Webster.

Ladies, this link is for you.

F#*k you Bravo.

Bowling is stupid.

Do you play with your Schticky?

the Doctor Who fans.

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Random Music Video: Sun Hotel "Got Along"