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10.1 Morning Coffee: Almost Madness Edition

Huskers beat the Badgers. And I hope you're paying attention, because a lot of other MU Athletic teams are doing pretty good too.

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Eric Francis - Getty Images

Welcome to October. You know that means? Madness is almost here. Finally, the silly non-story offseason stuff can go hide until March/April.

If you haven't noticed, MU's volleyball, soccer and cross country teams are pretty -- and in some cases, really -- good.

I need your help, people. Rubie has decided to start caring about soccer. He tweets things like this. I can't be around him when he's like that. I might have to unfriend him. It's been painful to watch this sad and rapid decline.

First this. And then this (LOL Russell). And finally this. It was a good football weekend. I've had this on repeat all morning long.

Nice try Brewers. But thanks for making things interesting for the last six weeks, anyway.

More evidence that I might be an idiot.


If you want your beer mixed with politics.

QR codes are dead.

American choke job, golf style.

Mike Love is the worst.

LOL, Billy Corgan.

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Random Music Video: Bob Mould