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Big East Coaches Predict Marquette To Finish In Seventh Place, Too

Just like the media the day before, the annual preseason poll of the Big East's coaches tabbed YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles for a seventh-place finish in conference.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The annual poll of the Big East's basketball coaches was released this morning, and, keeping in line with the results of yesterday's media poll, the coaches pegged Marquette in seventh place in conference.

Historically, the coaches have been a bit more bearish about Marquette's place in the Big East pecking order than the media: last year, for example, the coaches had Marquette sixth in their preseason poll. In 2010-'11, the coaches predicted an eighth-place finish, and in 2009-'10, the coaches agreed with the media and slotted Marquette in the dregs of conference, in twelfth place.