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10.22 Morning Coffee: Tired of Waiting Edition

November 9th is 18 days away. The season is almost here.

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Chris Trotman

Sorry for the lack of Coffee last Monday. My wife decided to go into labor Sunday night. The nerve.

Also, anybody know where I can get a IV of caffeine?

November 9th is 18 days away. The season is almost here.

Several people have asked if we -- meaning Anonymous Eagle -- have tried to get (or are going to apply for) media credentials for the upcoming season. Heck, a couple of weeks back, someone within the Athletic Department asked me when we were finally going to ask for credentials. The answer is: not gonna happen. The thing is, we're a fan site, and we like being a fan site. We don't pretend to be journalists, mostly because we wouldn't be any good at it, but also because we like being fans. I want to enjoy the game from the season tickets that I got when I married my wife. I want to stand up and cheer when a play is made. For Pete's sake, I sat next to Earl Tatum for two seasons. I not about to trade that to sit with media on press row, be quiet, and complain about the shitty spread in the media room. I've done that before, and I don't want to do it again.

What makes a journalist? I think the Kansan student-run newspaper sums it up perfectly:

A journalists’ job is to be objective in every sense of the word. A journalist cannot cheer. A journalist cannot wear team colors. A journalist cannot show any bias whatsoever.

Remember that for future reference. Fans tweet at recruits (although they shouldn't either, but that's a different story for a different time). Journalists don't.

Speaking of journalists: after a couple of rough early posts, Michael Hunt has cranked out some really decent work as of late. So far, he's miles ahead of Enlund but still has a ways to go to reach Rosiak's level.

MU Athletics has competition from a new MU Athletics.

People really love their Packers.

Rodgers to Cobb is a thing of beauty.

Ron Swanson is the best.

The lovely ladies of Community.

'Free To Be' turns 40.

Flea turns 50.

Natalie Portman: not ugly.

Bear meets Bear.

Lance Armstrong lost his hardware.

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