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10.29 Morning Coffee: Sandy Edition

This Larry vs Buzz ridiculousness won't die, will it?

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Mitchell Layton

A week from Friday. Hot damn, the season is almost here.

Cracked Sidewalks has a post on the Audacity of an Athletic Director. This Larry vs Buzz ridiculousness won't die, will it? Frankly, you know what it reminds me of? Ted Thompson vs. Brett Favre. It divided the fan base in the exact same way. I sided with Ted in that fiasco and I feel pretty good about my siding with Larry on this one. As Rubie points out, suspension of head coaches is going to be happening a lot more often, isn't it?

Have you seen our player previews yet? Trent Lockett (Lockett Up!), Steve Taylor and Jamal Ferguson. Jake Thomas will be posted at 11am this morning.

Sandy looks pissed. (Testing SEO on the blog title today. Cheap pageviews!) looks fluffy, happy, this morning.

15 Best TV Halloween episodes.

Kids movies that are scary as hell. Dumbo still haunts my dreams.

NY Times on why Wreck-It Ralph looks so awesome.

Think you're tough? Compared to her, you're soft.

5 songs to boost your hipster cred.

Say it like a pirate, Arrrrrrrrrrrgo wins the box office.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Blue, Junior and Davante looked good in the scrimmage.
It appears DJO has made the Lakers.
Big East previews Marquette.
Busting Brackets has a team preview.
Vitale talks about Lockett.
YardBarker team preview.
GoMarquette recap of Haunted Hoops.
Paint Touches Haunted Hoops recap and photo gallery.
A "recap" of the scrimmage with Illinois State.
Meet Isaac Chew.
Why are message boards dumb? Threads like this.
GSR numbers look good.
Lazar got traded.

Random Music Video: Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons