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2012-13 Player Preview: #10 Juan Anderson

We turn our attention to the first returning contributing player in our ongoing series.

You can thank me later for editing the edge of those REALLY bright Louisville unis out of this picture.
You can thank me later for editing the edge of those REALLY bright Louisville unis out of this picture.
Maggie Casey/

Juan Anderson had one of the rougher freshman seasons that Marquette fans have seen in recent years. First the Oakland native was suspended for three games for accepting Brewers playoff tickets. Then, right as the light seemed to go on (2 points, 5 rebounds and an assist in 7 minutes against Wisconsin), Anderson injured his shoulder. While he was expected to miss about a month at the time, he was out of the immobilization sling and back in uniform after just one game. As it turns out, he kind of did need to miss that time, as he ended up needing shoulder surgery after the season was over. The need for surgery does explain the somewhat lackluster rest of the season that Anderson put together, but he should be cleared for action now, which is all that really matters going forward.

Minimum Expectation: Well, Buzz put it best when talking with CBS Sports Network's Jon Rothstein:

Through 8 individual workouts, he's looked like a good player. He could be in the mix.

Well, that's really all we wanted, right? If Anderson can use his lanky frame to defend bigger wings and smaller post players, allowing Buzz the freedom he loves with switchable defenders, Anderson could be incredibly useful to Marquette this year:

Wildest Dream: Juan goes from getting five minutes a game to earning nearly 15 minutes per contest come Big East conference play, staking out a spot in the rotation and never letting it go. And, to make matters better: there's very little drop off when Juan hits the floor, no matter who he is replacing.

Why, yes, that is what The Admiral said last year. Still holds true, though. It'd be really kind of fun if we could start making Matrix references on a regular basis, too.

Worst Nightmare: It turns out that one shoulder injury makes Anderson prone to shoulder injuries and it hampers him all season long.