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10.8 Morning Coffee: Other Teams Edition

Seriously, pay attention to the other Marquette teams, they're really good.

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I said it last week and I'll say it again, the non-basketball teams this fall are really, really good. You should be paying attention to them. Mens Soccer? Only #3 in the country after beating #2 UConn this weekend. The #20 ranked womens soccer tied UConn this weekend. They also beat Providence. Women's Volleyball beat Pitt this weekend.

Finally, the silly offseason is almost over. Madness is Friday night. GLOW IN THE DARK T-SHIRTS.

Alright MU promotions staff. Make this happen at the Bradley Center. Drop 10K from the raftors. Make. It. Happen.

HotTug? YES!

I don't blame Hillary at all. I'd do the same thing.

The Colts? Yikes.

Stop it ABC, just stop it.

Don't change North Carolina State.

Taken 2 is actually 1.

My doppleganger is awesome.

If you care what the cast of Vacation looks like.

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Random Music Video: Django Django