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11.12 Morning Coffee: 1-0 Edition

The Admiral recaps a weekend that was a whole lot of "meh."

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Buzz > Thad
Buzz > Thad
Streeter Lecka

What an underwhelming weekend. After Friday night I was hoping to have a good idea of how good or bad this team was. We got nothin'. Now we'll have to wait until next week to see what this team is made of.

As for the Colgate game? It wasn't pretty, but it was far from ugly. MU obviously doesn't have offensive weapons like it had last year. But the combo of Otule and Davante is going to be hell for most opponents. Jamil Wilson will fill the void left by Jae pretty easily. Who takes over for DJO? Right now, it appears nobody. That could change, but it wasn't there yesterday. The offense of Todd Mayo is going to be missed. My guy Juan Anderson looks ready to take advantage of the situation. (All my thoughts could be completely off, of course, as I spent most of the game watching my kids rather than the game.)

The boys get right back at it tomorrow night against Southeastern Louisiana, who spent their Sunday losing to the Rodents by 40. We won't know much after that game either.

I won't lie, this kid is pretty cute.

So, people still like James Bond, it appears.

Uh-Oh Elmo.

Pringles: Stop it.

Welcome to the club, Matt. Duke sucks.

Perfection. Well done, Conan.

The guy running JCPenney is a moron.

Eight things you'll never use.

That doesn't look like a Mustang, Ford.

A R2-D2 engagement ring. See, you're not the Star Wars nerd you thought you were.

The only time I've liked a cat.

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