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Welcome To The First Day Of The Fall Signing Period

Marquette has 5 recruits who have committed who are eligible to sign national letters of intent starting today. But will they all sign?

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

It's really not in the best interest of the prospective student athlete, but Marquette will accept letters of intent from recruits who will join Marquette in the fall of 2013 starting today.

Based on previous announcements, we know that Duane Wilson, Deonte Burton, Jameel McKay, John Dawson, and Jajuan Johnson have all verbally committed to Buzz Williams and Marquette. As we discussed when Johnson committed, Marquette doesn't actually have scholarships available for all five of them if everyone on this year's team returns next year. Johnson's also said that he's not completely sold on signing in the early period, so maybe that solves the problem for now. Of course, there's also the issue of the academically ineligible Todd Mayo to consider. Is Mayo's self-incurred problem something that's going to cost him his scholarship at Marquette?

There's only two things we know for sure right now: 1) We'll know more when the university officially announces the full list of fall signings later today, and 2) Anyone who signs a letter of intent is still a recruit in the eyes of the NCAA, so you still can't talk to them on Twitter.