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Anonymous Eagle 8-Bit Previews: Butler Edition

With renewed apologies to Megaman, here's an 8-bit breakdown of the Butler Bulldogs.

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1-1, ranked 81 in KenPom (2012). 22-15, ranked 110 in KenPom (2011-'12). Joined Atlantic 10 Conference just in time for the conference world to implode once and for all.

(2) PRIMARY WEAPON: ROCK BOMBER (damage rating: 3.2 out of 10). NOTE: primary weapon -- fantastically named Chrishawn Hopkins -- taken offline just before season; backup weapon -- fantastically named Rotnei Clarke -- pressed into frontline duty. Long-range bombs yet to find target.

(2)(a) SECONDARY WEAPON: BOY WONDER SONIC CANNON. Head Coach outfitted with disarming babyface; by the time opponent realizes Head Coach is not 12 years old, opponent has been outscored by 20 points. Most effective in March/April, and in battles against slow-footed rodents.

(3) DEFENSIVE MATRIX: DOG COLLAR (armor rating: 7.7 out of 10). No longer able to deploy the fearsome NORED, remains difficult to penetrate.

(4) EXPLOITABLE WEAKNESS(ES): Avoid protracted engagement with ROCK CANNON; disable Rotnei Clarke as early as possible, counterattack from paint.