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11.26 Morning Coffee: Stuffed Edition

What did we learn in Maui?

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Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Hope everyone had a very fattening Thanksgiving.

What did we learn in Maui? Butler and Illinois are decent. Texas and Mississippi State are terrible. Marquette? Well I think the jury is still out. Did we see some encouraging things? Sure did. But there's plenty to fix too. Is Vander really going to be our top threat on offense? Didn't see that coming. Or is it Jamil despite 0 points against Butler? Did you read our recap of the USC game? A fine ode to Mad Libs.

Today *should* be another breeze for Marquette and won't be much to write home about and Vander won't be playing. But BRETT ROSEBORO is returning tonight. I wonder if his cup of coffee that he never finished from his time here is still around.

Alums in Minnesota - Go cheer on the women's volleyball team against Creighton.

Packers were frightening last night.

Is "Movember" over yet? Tired of looking at friends try and grow a mustache and then they look like a pedophile.

Am I a hipster now? I bought a turntable.

Not for me, I lost 45 pounds while unemployed.

Who's gonna buy me this?

All you Black Friday people are crazy.

Winnie Cooper & Lea Thompson? My 1988 crushes still have it.

When it's time to party Middle East, you will party hard.

Make me these drinks, now.

Jesus, Take The Wheel!

Stealing DVD players from Wal-Mart is deadly.

Well done Fallon & Jones.

Lots of people went to the movies.

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Nice kicks.

Random Music Video: Leagues - Spotlight. Debut album arrives in January.