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A BADGER HATE WEEK Preview: Wisconsin Got Beat At Their Own Game


Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

I'll admit to not watching a single second of this game, but that's really only because my legal team advised me against doing so, as it would hurt the chances of my obscenity complaint to the FCC regarding the broadcast. But let's get to the important point here: Tony Bennett returned to the building where his father made insanely slow paced basketball "popular" and "successful" and took Bo Ryan to school, albeit very slowly, as Virginia walked out with a 60-54 win. According to ESPN Stats & Info, this game was the first time that Wisconsin's lost at home in November since 1997, when they dropped a 65-60 decision to - WAIT FOR IT - Marquette. predicted Wednesday night's game between 3rd slowest team in the country Virginia and 10th slowest team in the country Wisconsin to be the slowest paced game on Wisconsin's schedule, and the slowest paced game left on Virginia's schedule. Relative to the 55 possession game that was predicted, the 57 possession game that we got was a barn burner.

If this is going to be the result for Wisconsin every time they play a team in the top 60 - and it has been so far this season - they are going to be COMPLETELY boned once Big Ten play starts.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go laugh some more.