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Ally Miller Is YOUR 2012 Big East Defensive Player Of The Year

The senior was one of three MU players to be named to the All-Big East First Team.

Ally Miller (second from right) was one of six individuals honored by the Big East.
Ally Miller (second from right) was one of six individuals honored by the Big East.

Ally Miller picked up Marquette's third consecutive Defensive Player Of The Year award from the Big East on Thursday night. The senior midfielder picked right up where Kerry McBride left off after winning two consecutive DPOY awards before graduating last year. Miller was the key component in Marquette allowing just two goals in conference play and recording a league high 13 shutouts for the whole season.

Miller's individual award means she was automatically named to the All-Big East First Team, where she was joined by teammates Rachel Brown and Maegan Kelly. This is the second consecutive All-Big East First Team honor for Kelly.

Rachael Sloan was named to the All-Big East Second Team, while Amanda Engel was named as the keeper on the All-Big East Third Team. Emily Jacobson and Taylor Madigan were also named to the Third Team, and along with Kelly, are early favorites to be named to the All-Big East preseason team next season. Engel also earned a spot on the All-Big East Rookie Team.

As far as the official AE predictions go for the major awards, it looks like I only went two for six. While I got Miller and Daphne Corboz for Offensive Player of the Year correct, I missed on the other four awards. Then again, Charlyn Corral is listed as a forward on the Big East's own website, so I don't know how she won Midfielder of the Year over her own teammate. My reasoning for Emma Newins as Goalkeeper Of The Year was astute, but the coaches gave that award to the completely unremarkable Brittany Anghel, while rewarding Georgetown's coach, Dave Nolan.

Marquette gets a chance to prove me right on Coach Of The Year tomorrow, as American Division #1 seed Marquette faces off with National Division #1 seed Georgetown in the Big East Championship game. The game starts at 11 am Central and will be available for viewing on a number of platforms. You can watch on TV via either CBS Sports Network or, if you're a Milwaukee area Time Warner Cable subscriber without the sports tier, you can watch on TWC Sports 32. If you're without either of those options, you can always watch through the Big East's own website.