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Marquette Reveals Camo Unis for the Carrier Classic

And they're hot.

Mitchell Layton

We had to wait while Florida and Georgetown and Ohio State unveiled their duds for their (respective) games on military vessels, but this afternoon, we finally got a peak at Marquette's Carrier Classic uniforms courtesy of ...

Ugh. Darren Rovell? Well, whatever.

Not exactly what I was expecting, I guess -- I thought they'd opt to use the navy blue uniforms, since those seem more camo-friendly and all -- but they're really pushing the baby blues as Marquette's signature uniform, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. In any event, they're at least ten times better than the orange monstrosities that Florida is going to wear against Georgetown.

There are more pictures of the gear at the Marquette men's basketball Facebook page, if you'd like to see Trent Lockett in baby blue camo from about thirty-six different angles.