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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Where Will Marquette Finish In The Big East Standings?

It's the third in a five part series.

I always get a kick out of pictures of Davante Gardner exhaling.
I always get a kick out of pictures of Davante Gardner exhaling.

Already this week we've asked you for your predictions for Marquette's non-conference record and for Marquette's Big East record. Today we take a slightly different perspective and ask you where you think Marquette will finish in the Big East standings in March.

It's a question of how you think Marquette stacks up against how the other Big East teams will perform. Last year MU went 14-4 and finished in second place. Is 14-4 good enough for second place this year? Will there be three teams with less than four losses? Is the Big East is on a slight downturn and 14-4 would be good enough for first place? These are the questions you have to ask to answer today's poll.

To give you some guidance, here's how AE sees the season shaking out:

Mr. Kensington: I'm usually the optimist. For years, my take has always been "We're a legitimate, good program, therefore I expect us to be good every year." But for some reason I have an uneasy feeling about this year. I think it has to do with the fact that we don't have that one known commodity returning this year - or at least not one that we feel that great about. In the past years it's been like: "Well, we know we have _________ (Lazar Hayward, DJO, etc.), now all we need is some one to step up alongside him and we'll be good to go." We don't have that this year. There are guys that we hope are going to step-up and that's it. Certainly it's possible that Vander Blue, Jamil Wilson, Junior Cadougan, Davante Gardner, or someone else is going to emerge as a reliable, go-to guy. But we just don't know. That concerns me.

Rubie Q: Seeing as I'm the Resident Pessimist, Mr. Kensington stole my thunder. And I could try to put on the Seashells and Balloons Optimist's hat, but it'd feel half-assed and forced and nobody would believe me anyway. So I'll take the cop-out route instead and say, w/r/t my outlook on the season: what Mr. K said.

Warrior Brad: This team will once again become #TBW for Andy Glockner. A late season 4-game winning streak will push MU into the tournament after some serious late-February sweating. The defense needs to step up tremendously for this to happen, though, as the offense will take its share of lumps all year long.

Brewtown Andy: We spent most of last year asking if/when a third scoring option would step up. It didn't ever really happen. So we enter this year with the hopes that Trent Lockett turns into a one year wonder like Robert Jackson or that the light goes on for both Jamil Wilson and Vander Blue. Do I think someone will become a reliable scorer for MU? Sure. But it might be a while before we can feel comfortable saying who that is.

Head to the poll down below and make your voice heard!