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12.10 Morning Coffee: 1,500 Edition

That's 1,500 wins for the program.

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Hey Bo, In 5 years, I've made you my bitch.
Hey Bo, In 5 years, I've made you my bitch.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

1,500 wins for the program. Couldn't have come against a better opponent. Just as Aaron Rodgers said last night, it's better to win ugly than to lose a pretty game. Saturday was ugly, but we knew it was going to be ugly. A win is win, especially against the rodents.

  • Loved Buzz's ode to Majerus. Amazed the people behind me at the game had no idea why he dressed that way.
  • Buzz is now 3-2 against Bo. Can Bo be called Buzz's bitch now? Sure feels that way.
  • Davante going coast to coast? I could watch that on loop all day long.
  • Vander's baseball pass to Junior. Second straight time a baseball pass has killed the Badgers.
  • My boy Juan Anderson's block of Dekker.
  • I know he's only a freshman, but Sam Dekker is going to annoy me for the next 3 years.
  • The student section's imitation of the Badger's student section was unimpressive. Seriously, "F*#K The Badgers" is cute the first 3-4 times. But y'all did it the entire game. You're better than that.
  • The lack of pig calls by the students was unimpressive.
  • The Bo Grinch Big Noggin' - Well done.
  • Jump Around - Trolling so hard, loved it.
  • Don't forget to relive Badger Hate Week.

Rubie still has more on the way.

Mike Daniels, go get some fat boy!

Hobbit & Lord of the Rings fans: In the land of Milkfat where the cheeses lie.

Think you're tough? Not compared to this guy.

Suck it, Budweiser!

Horsticide, people. It's frightening.

Oh, Alabama.

LOL Royals.

Firefly meets LEGOS. Finally.

Who will buy this for me?

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