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Big East Big Five: Week Five

Finals week stinks.

Has Josh Pastner aged at all since being named head coach at Memphis?
Has Josh Pastner aged at all since being named head coach at Memphis?

Only 15 games to choose from this week, so we're forced to rely on a gimmick. The five games chosen here are the five best opponents according to the rankings. This results in featuring a game that's apparently not on a national broadcast of any kind. I could have swapped out one of the next two best games, but that would mean either A) Two Villanova games or B) taking a lesser opponent for Rutgers.

Last Week: 2-3, no thanks to South Florida
Overall: 13-7


Tuesday, November 11: Villanova vs St. Joseph's (6pm Central, ESPNU) - Villanova needs this win to finish over .500 in this season's Big Five series, not to mention move back above .500 in Division 1 games.

Wednesday, November 12: DePaul at Arizona State (8pm Central, Pac12 Network) - I'll say this: DePaul's not terrible. only has the Sun Devils with a 54% chance to win this game.

Saturday, November 15: Louisville at Memphis (1:30pm Central, Fox Sports Network, so check your local listings) - The clear marquee match up of the week in the Big East. This won't be a non-conference game next season, though. Probably.

Saturday, November 15: Notre Dame vs Purdue (3:30pm Central, ESPN2) - This one's part of the Crossroads Classic, with the Indiana-Butler game coming at 1pm on CBS. It's weird that both games aren't on one network, right?

Sunday, November 16: Rutgers vs UAB (11am Central) - This is the game with no television access. UAB's the fifth best opponent this week, though, so here we are.