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A Todd Mayo Timeline For Return

One thing that was quickly enveloped in the barrage of conference transition news was a brief blog post from Michael Hunt regarding the sophomore guard's future.

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Fistpumps at the ready, Todd...
Fistpumps at the ready, Todd...
Chris Trotman

Hunt tracked down this Facebook status update from Todd Mayo back on Wednesday:

Did great on my finals, one more to go which is an easy one for me. so it's looking like the 17th of the month I will be back yezzir, Might get and early Christmas Gift. Thanks everyone for their support.

Ah, but Michael Hunt is no fool, and does not accept the status updates of college students at face value. The 2012-13 academic calendar says that grades aren't required to be turned in until noon on December 18th, so that means Marquette can't make a determination about Mayo until at least after that point. Hunt confirmed this with head coach Buzz Williams via text message.

So what does that mean? Given that Buzz doesn't let players have practice gear if they don't finish the offseason training program, I think it's safe to say that Buzz isn't going to let Mayo play in Marquette's game against UW-Green Bay on the 19th. It's possible that a decision could be made in time for the game against LSU on the 22nd. Since I didn't find out that Junior Cadougan wasn't playing in the Wisconsin game last year until I was standing in the Kohl Center, I think it's safe to say that we won't know if Mayo's back in uniform until the day of whatever game it is that he returns for.