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How The New Conference Affects Marquette's Other Team Sports

Men's basketball is what TV networks are going to pay for. But there is an impact on Marquette's other team sports, and it appears that most of the impacts are positive.

Marquette's first (and only?) team Big East championship team.
Marquette's first (and only?) team Big East championship team.


Coach Markus Roeders' squad is coming off their first Big East championship, fourth straight Big East division title and fifth straight NCAA tournament appearance. Of the six Big East schools moving with Marquette, only Georgetown, the team they defeated in the Big East championship game, finished the 2012 season with a record better than .500. In fact, even with Georgetown, the other six schools had a combined record of 51-54-10 and went 23-34-4 in Big East matches.


Things are a bit stronger on the men's soccer side than on the women's. Marquette's men's team is coming off their two strongest seasons in recent history and their first NCAA tournament appearance since 1997. We're well aware that Georgetown ended up tied for the best record in Marquette's division, and the Hoyas also advanced all the way to the 2012 College Cup Final before falling 1-0 to Indiana. St. John's also finished the 2012 season over .500 and qualified for the 2012 NCAA tournament as well. That's how the other six schools combined for a record of 55-47-13. But the domination of Connecticut, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Louisville, and Marquette in conference play caused the combined conference records of the other members of The Seven to be 18-26-4.


If you thought that things were looking pretty good for women's soccer, you ain't seen nothing yet. Marquette is coming of their first two NCAA tournament appearances in history, and they haven't lost to a team in The Seven since September 2010 (3-2 at Georgetown) and haven't lost at home to another member of The Seven since October 2009 (3-2 vs Seton Hall). Part of that is slightly skewed, as for whatever reason, Providence has not been playing volleyball in the Big East, but in the America East conference instead. The other Big East members of The Seven finished the 2012 season with a combined record of 66-80 and a Big East record of 24-52. Providence went 1-30 on the season, including a 0-12 record in the America East.


It's hard to gauge how Marquette will fare in women's basketball. Last year was a downturn from a long run of post season appearances, largely caused by a lack of experienced players, and then by a lack of healthy players by the end of the season. This season has started out slowly again and success this season will be determined by how well Brooklyn Pumroy can develop and replace the injured Gabi Minix. But Pumroy's experience and the possibility of Minix being granted a medical redshirt will help going forward. Last year, the other members of The Seven went 110-85 overall, but only 45-51 against Big East opponents.


This one's a bit murky. Marquette's still not an official member of the Big East for either men's or women's lacrosse. Only four other members of The Seven (Georgetown, Providence, St. John's, Villanova) play men's lacrosse, and the NCAA requires six members for a conference to receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Only two (Georgetown and Villanova) play women's lacrosse. Butler and Xavier have been reported as the most likely schools to join The Seven and a check of their athletics websites show that neither of them play lacrosse for either gender.