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Blaudschun: The New Conference Will Have To Wait Until 2014

Mark Blaudschun of reports that due to the start up procedures involved in starting a new conference, it may take until the fall of 2014, if not the fall of 2015.

Blaudschun reports that the key issue right now is dispersing the exit fees from the already departed schools to allow The Seven to use the money to get the administration of the new conference in place before games can begin to be played.

Blaudschun also reports that the next order of business after the exit fee money is negotiations regarding the Big East name moving with The Seven and their new partners. I don't think I want to see The Seven give up anything in order to acquire the Big East name. As far as I'm concerned, the Big East name is now radioactive and The Seven would be best served by moving forward under a new banner with no history attached to it.