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12.17 Morning Coffee: Holy Roman Empire Edition

So what do we know about the new conference?

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For my 7 loyal readers. This is the last coffee until January 7th. Get off the internet and spend time with your family instead. Unless your family is really annoying, by all means then, stay on the internet and Anonymous Eagle. (I actually wrote that intro last Thursday morning. After the hell that happened on Friday, it rings even more true today. Just tragic.)

MU alum and friend Rob Hart had the best conference name idea - Holy Roman Empire. So what do we know about the new conference? Peace (Be With You), We Out and basically that we don't know much of anything. Everything is in flux and will get hammered out by the lawyers in the coming months. After sitting on the sidelines for the past 3+ years of conference realignment, it's great to see an aggressive, proactive approach. Now, make sure to get Creighton involved in this and I'll be extremely happy. We also take a look at what it means for the non-basketball teams.

Big congrats to Chris Otule, who graduated yesterday.

Thought provoking, I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.

Well done Anonymous.

Aaron Rodgers. Amazing. NFC North Champs, suck it Bears!

This is 40 is apparently 'Meh'.

Hobbit = Huge.

Curious case of Roberte Clemente's bat.

50 best Christmas songs.

Best headline of the year.

Government efficiency at its finest.

Letters taken out of the alphabet.

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