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Big East Big Five: Week Six

As the conference reaches the tipping point towards truly never being the same ever again, the conference as a whole is playing better than ever.

I dunno, Coach Mack, I really think the new conference should have ten teams.
I dunno, Coach Mack, I really think the new conference should have ten teams.

I mean, seriously. Thirty-eight straight wins as a conference is ridiculous. I realize that the Big East has an advantage with 15 teams, but this is nutso.

Last Week: 5-0

Overall: 18-7


Wednesday, December 19: Cincinnati vs Xavier (6pm Central, ESPN2) - Everyone remembers how last year's game ended, right?

Saturday, December 22: Syracuse vs Temple (11am Central, ESPN2) - I don't know what exactly the Gotham Classic is, but this is part of it.

Saturday, December 22: Providence at Boston College (1pm Central, ESPN3) - This is the first of two road games for Big East teams that we're featuring here. I don't know what it says about the trajectories of both teams here, but has Providence with a 66% chance to win.

Saturday, December 22: Villanova at Monmouth (6pm Central, ESPN3) - No, the Hawks aren't particularly good, but any time Nova plays in a building smaller than The Pavilion by choice, it's worth taking notice.

Saturday, December 22: Seton Hall at Long Island (7pm Central) - No TV for this one, which is too bad. First, it's at the Barclays Center and second, it's in the top 10 on KenPom's FanMatch list for Saturday, which attempts to predict the most exciting and fun game to watch for the day.