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12.3 Morning Coffee: So It Begins Edition

We're not going to talk about the Florida game.

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Badger Hate Week, prepare for launch.

Now, I had hoped my Huskers would have started off Badger Hate Week with a beating on Saturday, instead, this happened. But that epic dumptrucking comes with one outstanding takeaway - This de-cleating of a Badger is amazing, even in slo-mo. I could watch that on loop over and over and over and over again.

And honestly, the worst part of the trip to Indiana? Warrior Brad's shoes.

I can't say anymore about Rick Majerus that hasn't already been said. I'll leave the story telling to the professionals. Paint Touches has a boatload of recaps. My friend Christian wrote about his family's relationship with him. His funeral will be Saturday.

College Football is broken y'all and has been for a long time. 8-5 Wisconsin. Northern Illinois. Thank goodness a playoff is on the way.

Do you know what Mellowmas is? You should. The first two days have been amazing.

The Pope is tweeting.

Some cool old school story boards.

Bob Costas, *wanking motion*

Forget the mouse, just use your eyes.

Reading Rainbow. Remixed.

I interviewed a member of Great Big Sea.


These old AFL programs are pretty cool.

This Taylor Martinez run was pretty sweet.

Marquette Basketball Links:
For Doc Rivers, the game took a back seat.
Shocking. The demise of the Big East will have a financial impact on the school.

Random Music video: Cee Lo Green & The Muppets