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BADGER HATE WEEK: Better Dead Than Red

Michael Locicero of the Marquette Tribune wrote a great column last week about Notre Dame that also applies to Wisconsin.

Streeter Lecka

We've long been proponents of the concept in the title. There's no reason for anyone to ever cheer for Wisconsin football, and that goes double for anyone who sides with Marquette in any regard. This also goes for Notre Dame football, so let's turn things over to Mr. Locicero, who noticed an outbreak of support for the Fighting Irish on campus after Notre Dame beat USC:

If you go to Marquette, you don’t root for Notre Dame.

Boom. Right there in cold black ink. Or pixels. You get my point.

I know a lot of you are from the Chicago suburbs and have parents or relatives who went or are going to Notre Dame. That’s great — it’s a great school (although I never will understand why people from Illinois root for a team from Indiana).

I’ve been to South Bend for a game, and the game day atmosphere is exceptional. There are, however, just some things that cross the line as a Marquette student.

YES. Thank you. You just can't cheer for Notre Dame football or Wisconsin football when you've aligned yourself with Marquette. So simple. Well stated, Michael.

I will be the first to admit that I root for Wisconsin Badger football.

Say what now?

My dad went to school there. So did my aunt. Heck, my grandpa still works for the team.

I thought you said a familial reason for allegiance wasn't a good reason. Let me double check that. Yep, that's what you said.

The difference is Wisconsin isn’t a rival to Marquette like Notre Dame is.

I don't see any students from South Bend running up here to stick a Luke Harangody jersey on Father Marquette.

Wisconsin is a public school and plays in a different conference. It is not a Catholic school that plays in the same conference (albeit Notre Dame won’t be a Big East member much longer).


But football is different than basketball, you say. Not on the Marquette campus it’s not. As a Marquette student, there are a few things you don’t do.


Better dead than red, baby. Better dead than red.