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Anonymous Eagle Jumps On The Jeremy Lin Bandwagon

It's the first time I'll ever admit to liking two Knicks.
It's the first time I'll ever admit to liking two Knicks.

If you've been paying attention to basketball in general over the last week, you've probably heard about the story of Harvard graduate and current member of the New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin. The little used guard got a chance for his first career start for Mike D'Antoni last Saturday and has quickly become a basketball sensation, scoring the most points by a player in his first three starts since the NBA-ABA merger.

While this is terrifically exciting to watch, particularly on Twitter during Knicks games, there is a side story to Lin's breakthrough of interest to Marquette fans. Walk with me.

FACT! Steve Novak was averaging 3.4 points and 0.6 rebounds in 10.7 minutes with 12-27 three point shooting in 12 appearances for the Knicks before Lin entered the starting lineup.

FACT! Steve Novak is averaging 15.7 points and 4 rebounds in 24.0 minutes with 12-25 three point shooting in the three games that Lin has started.

FACT! Marquette fans love Steve Novak.

CONCLUSION: Jeremy Lin is the greatest thing to happen to Steve Novak's offense since UConn's defense.

Because he is doing such great things for the present (and let's be honest, the future) playing career of The Hammer of God, we here at Anonymous Eagle would like to officially jump on board the Jeremy Lin bandwagon!

Go Knicks!