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Your Post-Game Jubilation Thread: #19/18 Marquette 95, Cincinnati 78

Another game, another early deficit.

Cincinnati came out throwing in shots from all corners of the building and built themselves up to a 16-4 lead, forcing Marquette head coach Buzz Williams to call time out before the under 16 media time out kicked in.

Another early deficit, another strong Marquette reaction.

I mentioned yesterday that Cincinnati is excellent at holding on to the ball. Well, not today. Marquette forced 14 turnovers - 10 in the first half according to Steve True on the radio broadcast post game show - and by the time the horn sounded for halftime, Marquette was LEADING by 12 instead of trailing by 12.

Four Golden Eagles scored in double figures led by 23 from both Darius Johnson-Odom and Jae Crowder. Five Bearcats hit double digits as well, with JaQuon Parker and Dion Dixon leading the way with 15 each. Yancy Gates managed another double double in a loss with 11 points and 12 rebounds.

Tomorrow will bring a bigger and better recap, but until then, enjoy the win on National Marquette Day and don't forget to discuss the rest of the day's action in the Saturday Open Thread!