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2.13 Morning Coffee: 5 To Go Edition

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Five games left. That's it. Then the second season begins. Even if this team goes 3-2 over the final 5 I still think they have a pretty good shot of getting its first ever double bye in the Big East tournament.

How amazing is this team? Down 12 points after the first 5 minutes, only to be leading by 12 at halftime? That has to be pretty close to the largest point swing in a half, right? I won't lie, I yelled at those people who complain about the slow starts, but I was annoyed like the rest of you on Saturday. 16-4? How on earth do you allow that to happen at home?

Give Buzz some credit. Few teams in the country could lose their starting center, go 10-4, then lose your back up center and go 3-1 in the next 4 games. Buzz's mantra of having players that are "switchables" has saved what is turning out to be a really special season.

Random Stat: Derrick Wilson played 4 minutes. He had 3 steals.

How the Memphis to Big East deal went down.

Who is Bon Inver?

Who is Paul McCartney?

Grohl nailed it.

Women be crazy.

Emma Watson is not ugly.

Danny Pudi & a Golden Eagle.

Holy Kate Upton hotness. (some bosses might not appreciate those pics on a work computer)

WTH was this?

If you like singer/songwriter stuff, you can win a CD from Chris Trapper.

Marquette Basketball Links:
BrewTownAndy with the recap.
AP recap.
JS recap. I heard Tom Enlund is going to join Twitter. If he's as half-assed on Twitter as he is with the blog, I'm not sure I even want him on Twitter. Nothing like waiting until the season is practically over. Brilliant.
Paint Touches: It's all about the defense.
Cinci recap.
CBS Sports has MU at #14, yet Badgers at #11. SMH.
Mellow for three.
If you subscribe to Milwaukee Magazine you should already have the received the issue w/ a in-depth story on Buzz. It will hit newsstands next Monday, until then, read the teaser Howie put together on it.
Chicago has a ton of basketball talent and the IL schools aren't getting it. We are.
Computer profile.
NBC Sports gives Jamil some love.
Steve Novak getting some love.
What good can Dominic James bring to Partizan?
Nobody cares about DePaul.

Random music video: Any Little Town. Tomorrow marks 8 years since I asked my lovely wife to marry me. It was after this Memphis game. Our first date was the Reece Gaines Louisville game the year before. Dear Marquette, stop losing games on important dates in my life. Seriously, this woman had Marquette season tickets, in the lower bowl. Why wouldn't I marry into that? Any way, this song was the first song I put on the first mix cd I made for her.