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Big East Big Five: Week 14

We have a brand new pile of games to look at this week, and it appears that the Bizarro Big East is catching up to the conference, as we have a large quantity of games either between top teams and the indecipherable middle of the conference or between teams that are clearly on the bottom half of the standings.

We continue onwards, and at least we have a great game to start the week off...


Tonight: #2/2 Syracuse at #19/18 Louisville (6pm Central, ESPN) - As much as it pains me to say this, it's blatantly obvious that all Marquette fans are cheering for the Cardinals in this game. With 5 games left on the Big East schedule, a regular season title isn't completely out of the question for Marquette. But they're going to need help. That's where the Cardinals come in.

Wednesday, February 15: Villanova at South Florida (6pm, ESPN2) - The Bulls will complete #TheQuestFor16 with a win here. On top of that, they're currently just a half game out of the double bye. It's completely believable that South Florida can snag one of those spots. But they have to take care of business against the Wildcats for that to happen.

Saturday, February 18: Seton Hall at Cincinnati (4pm, ESPN3) - As of this writing, this game marks the dividing point between the above .500 section of the Big East (Cincy) and the under .500 section of the Big East (Seton Hall). The Pirates are currently the 8th place team, meaning they're the last team to get a single bye in the Big East Championship. Is it a game between two middle of the conference teams? Sure. Is this going to have a big impact on the standings? You bet.

Saturday, February 18: #12/13 Marquette at Connecticut (11am, ESPN) - The Huskies are scuffling along, but are still dangerous, especially for Marquette. Apparently both Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb did not practice today for various injury reasons, but there's still enough talent there to make this a coin flip of a game in KenPom's predictions. If Marquette wants to hang on to a double bye slot, they need this win.

Sunday, February 19: South Florida at Pittsburgh (6pm, ESPN2) - Hey, a primetime Sunday night slot for the Bulls! And they get a chance to kick the Panthers around! That'll be fun. Now that Marquette's already beaten USF, I'm totally fine with them catching fire and making the NCAA Tournament.