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2.16.12 Big East Review

With a slate of 4 games being played last night, it seemed completely reasonable that we would have at least SOMETHING interesting to write about this morning.

That couldn't be any further from the truth.

All four home teams were considered to be the favorite to win going in, and all four home teams defended their home turf. In fact, they did such a good job of locking up a win at home, the average margin of victory was 18.25 points. So, in rapid fire fashion, let's go over the results and then we'll move on to a non-Big East game that actually has interest to Big East fans.

- Notre Dame 71, Rutgers 53
- Connecticut 80, DePaul 54
- South Florida 65, Villanova 51
- Cincinnati 81, Providence 66

There. That's the results. On to something more interesting.

Alabama-Birmingham 47, Southern Methodist 28. Yes, that's a final score. Yes, that's future Big East member SMU. In case you were wondering, 10 individual players scored more than SMU did as a team last night. They made 8 field goals the entire game but only turned the ball over on 13% of their possessions! That's a disasterous shooting game. Memo to head coach Matt Doherty: letting Rodney Clinkscales shoot 0-8 behind the arc was probably a mistake.

I can't believe these guys are our partners in peace now.