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There Are Only Two Home Games Left

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Tomorrow night, the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers roll into the Bradley Center for Marquette's 15th Big East contest of the season. It's also Marquette's 15th home game of the season.

There are only 16 home games this season.

Everyone remember how much fun National Marquette Day against Cincinnati was with a gigantic crowd? Well, we're already guaranteed that crowd again for the regular season finale against Georgetown. That bad boy has been sold out for months.

As for the Rutgers game, my own unscientific research into the attendance numbers suggests that as of 9:30 AM Central time today, there are only 153 tickets remaining. So you still have a chance to get into the fun of watching one of the ten best teams in the country take care of business and get themselves pointed towards one of the double byes in the Big East tournament. On top of that, a win over Rutgers will give Marquette 12 Big East wins for the second time in Buzz Williams' tenure as head coach and the second time since joining the Big East as well.

For those of you with Marquette Fanatic tickets for the student section, especially the seniors: Are you really going to pass up the second to last opportunity to build a lasting memory of watching this season of Marquette basketball in person with 18 thousand of your closest friends?

Tipoff's at 7. We'll see you there.