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2.27 Morning Coffee: Dancing Double Bye Edition

Not exactly the Sun Dolls.
Not exactly the Sun Dolls.

As I stated 2 weeks ago, Marquette could get a double bye by going 3-2. Thanks to USF, it's now official. Thanks Bulls! They have the SunDolls, so does this count as repaying the favor? I had no idea there were sequins in the Marquette lettering. The question regarding the double seeding is: What seed do we want? Looking at the current standings, I think #3 or #4 looks more appealing than #2. What says you?

Of course, the double bye and a potential 2 seed in the NCAA tournament should be the lead topics today. Unfortunately, A Ridiculous Set of Circumstances is still the topic du jour. Is Buzz slightly overreacting based on what happened last year? Maybe. But I'd rather have my coach doing something, rather then nothing at all. It's foolish for some people to try and compare this team to the likes of Cincinnati. Nobody has punched a horse and Buzz's kids are graduating.

Didn't Buzz know that 'Country Roads' is to Morgantown as 'Jump Around' is to Madison? Those hillbillies own the rights to that song and nobody else is allowed to use it. It's true, Tom Oates told me so. I know I'd take my dancing coach any day over a coach who doesn't know how to lose w/ grace and dignity. Or this coach. Or this coach. Or this coach. Yeah, I'll take Buzz dancing after every single game. No reason for Buzz to apologize.

Milla has still got it.

Angelina's right leg needs to eat a sammich.

Dean Pelton won an Oscar! Related, Alexander Payne went to my high school. My high school has won more Oscars than your high school.

Mister Rogers was the best neighbor ever. (old post but a good one. He died 9 years ago today)

The implausibility of the Death Star's trash compactor.

I want this Evil Dead figurine.

A "best of" on the 90's and no 311? SHAME.

The Boss is taking over Fallon this week.

A look back at some crap music from the 90s.

Seth Rogan probably would have been a better Oscar host.

Parents, your young kids should like Pancake Smackdown.

Who knew Mardi Gras was an insurance fraud hot bed?

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Random Music Video: Really, what song were you expecting?