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Welcome To Championship Week!

And by Championship Week, I mean Championship Two Weeks. And by Championship Week, I mean "It takes place on parts of three different weeks." But I digress.

With the beginning of the Big South tournament today, we begin our final march to Selection Sunday, which is now just 13 days away. Here at Anonymous Eagle, we'll keep you up to date on all of the goings on in the various conference tournaments so we can keep an eye on who's in the NCAA Tournament, who's out, and who's getting pushed out by surprise winners.

The Big South is the only conference getting started today, so we'll just list the games here. The numbers listed by each team will always refer to the seeding within the conference bracket and all times listed are Central.

Big South First Round:

#10 Radford (6-25) at #7 Virginia Military Institute (14-15), 6pm
#9 Gardner-Webb (12-19) at #8 High Point (12-17), 6:30pm