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2.28.12 Big East Review

Only one Big East contest from last night, but it was significant. Let's get to the results!

#11/12 Georgetown 59, #20/19 Notre Dame 41 - Hey, who exploded into flames worse last night: Notre Dame's season or Juan Pablo Montoya and a jet truck at the Daytona International Speedway? For those of you who aren't racing fans, here's what I mean, with GIFs courtesy of our SB Nation Overlords. Click the first one if it doesn't load for you.




Yeah, THAT happened and yeah, Notre Dame's season is comparable. After reeling off a program record nine straight Big East wins, the Irish got clipped by St. John's on Saturday and then got wrecked against Georgetown last night. Look, they're easily going to make the NCAA tournament. But don't complain to me when they shoot 3-17 behind the arc and go out to a team like Long Beach State in the "second" round.

As for the Hoyas, they looked completely in control last night. Senior Night at the Verizon Center led to great performances from seniors Jason Clark and Henry Sims. I'm looking forward to the rematch with the Hoyas on Saturday in the Bradley Center.