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2.6 Morning Coffee: Super Bowl Babies Edition

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First off, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Rubie Q today. Mrs. Q gave birth to two healthy kids yesterday. Now Rubie's sabbatical truly kicks into high gear. See you in June, buddy.

Never did I think that Eli would have more Super Bowl rings than Peyton.

Maybe I'm in a minority, but I didn't hate the Madonna halftime show. 'Vogue' was dumb starting song, but the rest was fine.

Those of us in Milwaukee were treated to the most bizarre of campaign ads. Thanks, Hari Trivedi!

Oh, Marquette. Let's just not even talk about Saturday. I'm just going to chalk that game up as a fluke. Notre Dame will never be as hot from beyond the arc the rest of the season. Marquette was a disaster on defense and offense the entire game. Have I mentioned I hate mock turtlenecks? Brey looks like a straight up child molester in that thing. Gross.

MIA, fighting hard to be relevant.

Damn Bon Iver is a hipster.

If you lived in Nebraska, you saw a new Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee ad.

Ron Swanson Bacon & Eggs cereal? WANT.

And this is why I will never grow a mustache.

Oh no, what will Cinemax do now?

Kansas City has a chocolate beer problem.

An interview with the Gecko.

Ladies, this link is for you. Seriously, the first guy is the punter.

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Random Music Video
: Fun. We Are Young (from that great Chevy commercial yesterday)