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A Brief By-The-Numbers Look At DePaul

We've all been down this road with the DePaul Blue Demons before. We've been dealing with DePaul since 1918 and Marquette has played DePaul every single season since 1958-59. Marquette has beaten DePaul more times than any other school.

As far as recent history goes, DePaul has not been any good whatsoever. With their 2-8 record in conference play, DePaul has matched their Big East win total from the previous THREE seasons combined. This brings us to the only statistic that matters when it comes to playing DePaul.

Join us after the jump for the breakdown.


January 20, 2010. DePaul had lost 24 consecutive Big East games. After this game, they would lose another 24 consecutive Big East games. They were so terrible, head coach Jerry Wainright was fired three games prior. But Lazar Hayward missed the front end of a 1-and-1 with 20 seconds left leading to a Stovall three pointer to pull the Blue Demons within 1. Then, as seen above, David Cubillan missed the front end of a 1-and-1, leading to Stovall hitting the game winner.

This game is why Marquette had to win 3 consecutive road overtime games late in the season to play their way into the NCAA tournament. This game is why's Andy Glockner named Marquette Team Bubble Watch.

Other schools in the Big East get to celebrate DePaul Day every year. Marquette doesn't. It's all because of that game. Marquette was DePaul's lone Big East win in a 49 game stretch. Marquette was one of DePaul's 14 wins in a 72 game stretch.

No mercy.

No surrender.

DePaul is evil and must be destroyed.