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Your Post-Game Jubilation Thread: #18/19 Marquette 89, DePaul 76

Well, it started out awfully familiar.

Not only did DePaul start out hitting shots, but they also started out grabbing offensive rebounds at an insane rate. Marquette eventually found themselves down 12 in the first half. But they battled back, and by they, I mean Darius Johnson-Odom. DJO went on a personal 7-0 run to drag MU back into things and by halftime, the deficit was only 3 points.

Relative to the first half, it was all Marquette in the second, as DePaul crazy shooting finally stopped falling leading to runouts and transition baskets for Marquette. Things were going so smoothly for Marquette in the second half that Junior Cadougan did everything to dunk except get the ball through the bottom of the net.

Yes, THAT Junior Cadougan. Shoutout to @MURecruiting on Twitter who dropped the AIR CANADA nickname.

All five Marquette starters finished with double digits in points, led by DJO at 23. Both Jae Crowder and Jamil Wilson posted double-doubles, with 14 & 10 for the Absolut Weapon and 18 & 10 for Son of Plastic Man.

We'll give some more insight tomorrow morning with a better recap. Until then, your post-game thoughts in the comments section below.