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Your 2012 Big East Championship Game Open Thread

Nice Zubaz, guys.
Nice Zubaz, guys.

We finally arrive at the fifth day of the Big East Championship. 30 years of history at the Garden culminates tonight at 8pm Central on ESPN in a renewal of the long and storied rivalry between.... Louisville and Cincinnati?

Well, look at that. As the Big East as we knew it crumbles due to traitors, the Conference USA wing of the Big East takes control. It seems weird, but even though we've been conference rivals with both of these schools for 16 seasons, we've never actually seen the two of them match up in a conference championship game. This is the 10th time that either Cincinnati or Louisville has been in the championship game of our collective conference, though, and the second straight year that Louisville has made it to the Big East title game.

One last thing: We can't let this match up go past without pointing out the possibility of a conspiracy between adidas and the Big East to get both of the teams wearing the new adidas super glowing neon uniforms into the title game. Then again, we've already been told that there are no conspiracy theories.

Hit the comments section for your thoughts on the game!