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3.12 Morning Coffee: Madness Is Here Edition

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It's finally here. March Madness. Bring on the........awwwww hell, they're gonna make us wait until Tuesday night? What the hell. Get bent, NCAA.

No matter the team, we've got Verne & Raftery calling the game. That. Is. Awesome. Tip off comes Thursday afternoon, after the conclusion of the Murray State/Colorado State game.

Want to join the Anonymous Eagle bracket challenge? Go here. Group# 94604 Password: buzz. Enjoy the next 4 days when your bracket is still completely clean.

VCU vs Wichita St? SLU vs Memphis? Way to make the mid-majors eat their own. Fans want David vs. Goliath. Get bent, NCAA.

I once made a bracket by always picking the highest ranked KenPom team. I did no better than I normally do with my picks. It's a crapshoot and yet every year I hand over my money to somebody else.

Random Useless Fact: All 8 teams in the 2009 Old Spice Classic received bids to this year's NCAA tournament - 3 Baylor, 3 Marquette, 3 Florida State, 4 Michigan, 8 Creighton, 9 Alabama, 10 Xavier, 14 Iona.

Jay Bilas: Baller.

Donut Tacos? Yes please.

I wasted my youth.

John Carter bombed.

The Shins were great on SNL.

Don't piss off the garbage man.

I might need to get this shirt.

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SF Gate: Quick & athletic, but not consistent enough.
Washington Post: Murray State over Marquette.
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Myron Medcalf: Iona will win two games.
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CBS Sports: Missouri over Marquette.
ESPN: Crowder can flat out play. West Regional recap.

Random Music Video: 311. Yesterday was 3-11 day and they played for like 10 hours in Vegas. Setlist one, setlist two. This song drags for the first 3 minutes, but hot damn, it kills for the final 1:20.