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Road Trip? If Marquette Goes to N'Awleans, We Goin' To N'Awleans

Meet me in New Orleans?
Meet me in New Orleans?

In the last few days, in the wake of the crushing defeat YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles suffered at the hands of the dastardly Louisville Cardinals in the Big East Tournament, some glass-half-full folks have found a silver lining in the similarities between this year's Marquette squad and the Final Four team of 2003. To wit: the '03 squad, which featured the conference player of the year, also barfed away its first game in the conference tournament, turning the ball over roughly 4000 times in a disheartening loss in Louisville. That team, of course, was rewarded for its stellar season with a 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament, and rebounded with a tour de force performance over the next four games, laying waste to every team that stood in its path and earning a trip to ... New Orleans.

It seems we're not the only ones that have made the connection: the good people at Buick have offered to send two Anonymous Eaglers to New Orleans if Marquette makes it to the Final Four. The package includes two flights to the Big Easy, a Buick to drive once we get there, a hotel room, and two tickets to the Final Four. It also includes access to Buick activities like media events and parties, so if it happens, we're going to be able to provide the Anonymous Eagle community both an in-the-stands and behind-the-scenes look at the Final Four.

So if Marquette is fortunate enough to get to New Orleans, two of us will be there to lend our support and to provide you with the best coverage we can muster, all courtesy of Buick.

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Oh, wait: it seems Buick isn't limiting this to Marquette, and is going to send the SBN bloggers for the four teams that make it to the Superdome. Or, should I say: the three other teams that make it to New Orleans.

Also check out the exclusive Buick-NCAA Team Badge application found on which allows college basketball fans to post a college-specific March Madness badge on their profile to show support for their team.

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