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3.13 Morning Coffee: Waiting Edition

As Tom Petty put it, the waiting is the hardest part.

The best of Gus Johnson during March Madness.

This could help save Dunder Mifflin. (h/t @Mjwizzy)

McDonald's, you are awful.

Two spectacular reasons to watch SNL on April 7th.

Garbage Pail Kids? Oh, come on now.

Community meets Law & Order.

Strippers saved a Little League team.

30 awesome years for They Might Be Giants.

This would have been a fantastic movie.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Seriously, I had a bunch of links yesterday.
NY Times: Jae sees challenge in winning award.
The Wild, Wild West Region.
And how much goes to the players? Not a cent.
NY Times: Loss to Louisville puts MU under the radar.
Marquette plays the waiting game.
CBS podcast correctly points out how Marquette was unfairly treated with the play-in game.
Paint Touches: What the pundits are saying on Twitter.
Join the AE bracket challenge!
Katz & Gottlieb breakdown the West Region.
How did Marquette get to March Madness?
If you care, we are ranked 11th.
Who is the most valuable college basketball team?

Random Music Video: Lumineers - Ho Hey