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3.14 Late Morning Coffee: Jesuits > Mormons Edition

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I wrote both of these down last night and was planning on deleting one. I've opted to keep both here.

Purdue, Marshall, Hofstra, Manhattan, Siena, Loyola MD and Fairfield. Who are they? Those are teams that beat Iona this season. I'm supposed to be worried? Iona's best win? Saint Joseph's.

Utah St, Wisconsin, Baylor, St. Mary's, and Gonzaga x2. Who are they? Those are teams that beat BYU this season. I'm supposed to be worried? Best win? Virginia Tech.

After looking at those two, I would have taken Iona in a heartbeat. I'm supposed to worry about these two teams? Murray State? That's a different ballgame.

Jesuits > Mormons. Remember that.

I wish I would have known about this beer run sooner.

Guinness is awesome.

Don't be one of these people on Saturday.

Pizza from hell?

Since I'm from Omaha, $h*t People From Omaha Say.

Flinstones return blech.

Community returns tomorrow night.

Tim Dillard is awesome.

The Muppets have gone dark.

Bye, bye Encyclopedia Britannica.

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