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3.16 Morning Coffee: Racers Edition

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4:15 Saturday, bring on the Racers. Not these Racers though. Who's driving to Louisville?

How are you doing in the Anonymous Eagle Bracket? I'm tied with Rubie.

Thursday Games Notes:
Asheville got hosed.
Wisco, as they should, won the easiest 4 seed game.
So long WVU and Kevin Jones was terrible.
Damn you VCU.
Woah, Smarmy Tom won a first round game.
Thanks for not even showing up UConn.

These StormTroopers photos made me smile.

Hollywood is Out. Of. Ideas.

Zelda Theme song played on a harps. By twins.

Man, all kinds of athletes are cheating.

Something, something, Kate Upton.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Go Marquette has all your audio, video, stats, etc.
BTA's game recap.
Paint Touches scouts Murray State.
Cracked Sidewalks Gardner & Mayo help out.
Buzz is still fond of Colorado State.
Jeff Goodman: Marquette expecting hostility.
Video of Jae with ESPN after the game.
Enlund's game recap posted at
Not digging this LaRussa friendship stuff.
Mayo gets his stroke back.
For awhile, the front of the ESPN college b-ball page.
Salt Lake Tribune: No Comeback for Cougars.
Lack of Jimmer hurt BYU.
Slow start doomed BYU.
AP game recap.
How any work was done yesterday is beyond me.

Random Music Video: The Pogues